Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Omg... I see people

I went to bruns and really just was being, enjoying the nature sounds smells feelings... Enjoying little pockets of no mind releasing my body from stresses... It was beautiful and I really feel I'm mastering the art of being. Without needing to do. 

I sometimes feel like it looks like I'm waiting for something to happen. I think people can't actually grasp that I'm simply being in the environment and that I'm not waiting.
I could have stayed for another hour or so but left prematurely showing me I still have to let go a little further and give up having how I'm perceived as something influencing my movements.

On the way home I faced a lot of jealousy, when I'm at my beauty and have really sunk into my being I see a lot of jealousy. I also faced manipulation. A couple tried to get love off me I gave them none and felt angry and saddened by their ogling in fact impacting on my state and interfering in my day. How dare they try to get love off me. I give a lot, I'm not going to be taken from, manipulated and controlled by anyone. I gave them dirty looks, no love, cried on my way home, the winds started bc I felt a lot of evil, I felt better when I felt like I was smart to know what they were up to, before they had acted I knew it was no good and I acted promptly to let them know they were bad. 

I feel affected by their badness. I hate that they can go out of their way to hurt me and make me hate them. I hope they think that they are bad. Bc they are.