Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ashati 2

Yesterday I was attuned to the Ashati 2 Energies... meaning i received the software to begin healing myself and others with the Ashati 1 and 2 energies...  over the next 21 days i will begin a process which will open up the  communication between my lower and higher minds.. meaning i will become more consciously aware of my psychic ability and soul, as per my souls desire, to know the soul.  We'll see how it goes hey...

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[distant healings and attunements, entity removal!]

A great dissolution..

Today, i reflect on how i am feeling in the social arena - my lack of connection and even interest with people, is a sign that im beginning to let go of my own ego and mind.  I see that my personality dissolving, and i actually feel that by me maintaining this 'likeable, lovely, cool, wannabe'' personality, is really trying and dull, and is just interfering with any chances of real authenticity... this is a little radical, and i really feel that any inauthentic contact that i have is getting in the way of authenticity.  That by me staying alone, reading very little and being fairly inactive besides beach walking and swimming, yoga classes, cooking, cleaning, and meditating... is actually a step in the right direction as far as dealing with my aloneness, which is what we all run from, but we need to see and release this deep is a very uncomfortable feeling to be alone, and yes, society can secure you out of that, but luckily or uncomfortably for me, society just doesnt quite work for me at the moment.  Yes, this is an interesting phenomena, and i feel that i am almost at surrendering point... i have been ignoring my guides a little lately, some rebelling going on, but this is society...refusing to give up control or power,..  but i seem to be getting to a point of crumble..  dissolve personality, youre getting in my way..