Monday, February 24, 2014


'Whatever is in you – grief, pain, anger – you should be capable of releasing it into the vast sky; then you will be free from your suffering.
There is no need to take it out on other people. What do you achieve by taking it out on people? People are just like pegs to hang things on. When a big peg like the sky is available, why take it out on small pegs like people? As it is, everyone is so full of grief; why load more on them? As it is, your wife is being crushed and is dying; as it is your husband is collapsing. How much more grief do you want to pile on? Why add more fuel to the fire? This open sky is very big, and its heart is so big that it will never tire of taking on your burdens. Let your grief fly away into this vast expanse, and there will be no trace left of – it will vanish.
All things dissolve in the sky. You too will vanish; what to say of your grief? You were not here yesterday – you were born out of this sky. When you cease to be tomorrow, you will once again merge with the sky. Earths are born and are destroyed, suns blaze and burn out, stars are born and then disintegrate, universes come and go…the sky absorbs everything. Your grief is nothing. Give it to the sky and it will absorb it.
Create a storm and let your grief be carried away. And then you will get a glimpse of bliss. In the void, in the silence that will come after the storm, you will feel it constantly.'
from The Voice of Silence by Osho