Thursday, September 21, 2017


The best intimate thing you can do is to meditate! Youve got the worst minds I've ever seen!  In probable interest in the next few intimate years I'll be here fully in doing this you'll have great love the best thing you can do is be nice. I'm free here I'm thinking nothing I'm going to be forever here in your thoughts in the best way I'll be there for you til you get enlightened yourselves. Love isn't in Australia. It is simply not here. I'll bring it here for me. I need great love here in Australia. I'm going to be greater than you will be. In the middle of this my heart gets injured by your crazy mean mean minds.  If you continue to do this I'll kindly think of me the whole way. I'll ignore your needs,  I'm free. Love isn't here. If you think love you'll find it. If you think hate your life and the unfortunate people you touch will be forever wounded. If you think you're thinking love then I'm going to give the best to you. In hope. Please find love for yourself not my love. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Preciousness is coming

Yes you heard right
Love and big love is on it's way
It's been a wild scary magical huge ride. Not for the faint hearted but soon the bitterness will turn to sweetness, laughing in the face of jealousy, feeling beautiful not sexy, having people greet and farewell me, loving connections, only one love for me though. It's kind love. I find it hard to not have my good times in the middle of everything in the world I'm going to enjoy my life immensely.
It's my time now, I've done my service and I've done it well. I've healed the planet from where I am, I've goodnesss inside my heart.
I'm blessed
More love for you and me.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The experiences not here please

i walk a very steep spiritual path filled with continual teachings in public amongst the people. People chanelling things to me for my heart to unfulfill it's wishes so I can meditate into the abyss.
I'm being prepared for long term intimate sitting with self, until I walk there I can't have freedom.

The past few days I have been feeling, it means that in the best way, everyone around me can feel me. It creates intimate love energy in the air and the birds sing, as do I.  As for the past three years I've been only by myself  intimate relations fine but limited. I'm now facing intimate intimate relations good but not thinking is required in the bedroom for it to be real.

I have thought that I wanted kind relations tonight but it's growing very unlikely that I will find someone that measures up to my requirements of ' more enlightened then me' I'm aware men don't think much of women if they're better than them,  I'm thinking I'd like things to be easy and flowing and spiritual and energetic and fun.  I'm loving the best times this year I'm freer than, intimate intimate relations think less of me.

I'm aware that intimate relations much less than me. I'm aware that intimate relations think too much. I'm loving the best of me though in the intimate intimate relations. Love is. I'm good after that., in the mind the heart in the being in the best way well.

Off I go