Thursday, July 20, 2017


Last night I had a finale.
You think I got to say this.
I left the intimate mindy world that is earth.
I left.
It was greatly quiet, here in the forest, it descended- great silence.
The mind was disconnecting from the world and as it did it I felt muscular tension dissipate in the body. It happened in sheaths. I lost the mind of the all. I'm almost completely gone, an empty hollow bamboo. It's beautiful. I feel empty. Kindly in love-
Bree- or maya. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


I'm ready to home myself in my heart.
It means youth kindly forever.
I'm free. 

Message to the planet..

If I could speak only to be heard I would say this

I'm going to be beautiful more than ever in a few years. It will hurt most people I come across not because I'm hurting them but because they compare and kindly I am not comparing, I'm Living my life in good ways not hurting a fly, I'm free.

I'm going to hurt them only because they good isn't. In the best possible way I'm going to say they're not good.
I'm only saying such a intimate thing here because I got to express myself only because they don't think I have the not hope to express in the best way.
Most hope but I love. Love is the answer to everyone's good intentions. It's good to love but I'm the real lover here. I'm the one here who loves. I'm the one here who really loves, they really get the benefits of my home. If I heal myself, you benefit.
I'm only healing myself because you benefit.
I'm only walking this path because I choose love.
Not many yogis And meditators choose to walk this path because it's the too hard basket, I chose to be in love not because they hurt me, I'm thinking that they think I wanted there jealousy, I wanted to be better, but that's their own mistake. I beautiful and good, I chose this path to bring big love to the world. Not for my own good times, obviously because I very much think that I'm having a terrible time here, being abused and taken advantage of by many many people.
Love isn't here. I'm the only one who knows love in this country except for Osho Amore.
I'm the only one who hopes to have lots of love around me.
I'm hoping they learn to love. I'm hoping the world  would learn to feel.
I know it's hard, butt I need it.
I'm hoping the world thinks less and feels more.
Thinking is evil.
I'm pure.
These thoughts hurt me.
I'm free of thought, just because I'm enlightened,

Narcissism isn't
Never ever call me a narcissit for I chose this path for everyone. Love to you.