Sunday, February 12, 2017

Deep depression showing itself

I've recently made a huge step and moved into a forest to live, away from society, after an awareness that I didn't want to give my loving energy to greedy, awful people who hate, blame, and throw emotions on me. I've learnt that no one is here, so any road is good, to choose something I want.  I had a choice to either go into the city or go into the country, and I decided to put myself first! I decided to sit and feel my emotions, to get away from the mind fields and enter the natures energy no mind field.

I have felt so here, like here no where else, I've felt home here. I'm going to be blissful when I shift my emotions out which is what I'm doing and feeling my emotions surface more and more. The deep crying and ' landslide' of my depths is surfacing so I can feel the crying. I'm no longer hiding my emotions. I can sense the people around me can feel me feeling these intense intimate emotions.

The depression is caused from everyone throwing their unwanted emotions on me. Because they're not good happy or beautiful and I am. Even my brother throws jealousy on me now when he had the chance to connect and grow he chose hope not but unwanted emotions in which he throws at me. My mother hates me, her hatred is growing! It is getting worse.

Here I am in the forest healing. I'm growing in the mind heart and being. I'm growing so fast the hatred of others is growing! I'm in the best way stronger. I'm getting stronger and they're growing more negative! 

I got to say I'm so happy I've decided to stay in the forest for a long time! I'm not giving to these people! I'm not going to hope for them! I'm happy living in peace bliss and happiness alone! I hope a partner arrives for me ! 

I'm going to be very benevolent here I'm going to think less be more and feel good! I not hoping to heal others you don't deserve my love. 

The winds around me come from grief. 
I'm here!
I'm here!

I'm hoping I just hope enough to hope not.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Mind work

I've lately been experiencing an extreme version of mind control.

I've become aware that people are in my mind and trying to control me and my actions.

I'm sure that it is so, and good just to know it becomes happier for me to release them by moving my head from side to side. I'm good now that I'm aware.

It's a breakthrough.

Not many people are aware of this. I'm good to be able to express it on an open place.

I'm going to be a lot free we and happier how did I not notice.

I'm finally free!

Good to share it, if you are not in pease than you should look at your mind.

Blessings on the good path to freedom.

Intuitive healing by Bree-Native HAZELWOOD Tea

Yesterday whilst meditating the word 'hazelwood' came to me! Despite  the initial difficulty researching to track it down, one followed, ' I need it' and ' search for it,'

So I found it wasn't a herb, it wasn't a bush flower essence or homeopathy, in fact it was a native plant, so I adventured to a number of nurseries in coopers creek and finally found it at burringbar nursery under the botanical name of 'symplocas twaitsii'

I made tea from one of the green leaves and have drunk five cups of tea from the one leaf, today.

I had no data on what it would do, the nursery didn't know people made tea for therapy from it.

My initial intuitive understanding was that it was for clarity, sensitivity and intuition. It's not for intuition.

Everything went vivid. I felt embodied intimate with everything, balanced and sensitive to my feelings and reactions to everything, it altered my consciousness.

It releases the heart, emotional relief, it great for heart problems like intimacy in relationships and if you have trouble sleeping it's a great relaxant. It's great for hormones and balancing endocrine system.  (This is based on my own knowledge and intuition. )

I need this aid at the moment as I'm facing many mystical experiences and I'm finding it more difficult than anything to balance and stay balanced. 

I'm not recommending it to everyone, it might suit someone hypersensitive.

Hope this serves you well! 
Blessings and great love-