Sunday, September 11, 2016


I learnt today that I go in and out, from others minds overtaking mine, to my mind being in itself, loving,... 

From going to wooyung beach in a no mind space for over an hour I became more sensitive to the badness around me and when I was in or out of that badness... Be it jealousy, male mind control, female mind control....all states from not enough love.

 I found when I maintained my own mind for a period and cultivated love energy the women were attacking me, I had to go home, where exhausted I retreated in my bedroom.

A nothing day of being in the world.

The women want to manipulate me to get them love. I can't do it and I wouldn't do it. Go to India! Go to Osho! I'm not yours. I feel like they are trying to overtake me. I tell them to hope and fuck off.

Not a hope in the world. 

More than you

Please go away

The men try to control me with their minds, dominate, so that they have love. I tell them to fuck off.