Friday, September 30, 2016

The evolving definition of spiritual enlightenment - by enlightened mystic and yogi, Bree Harris

Enlightenment is a state of being where you are free of the mind. The mind being thoughts. You are awareness. 

You become aware, simply aware and innocent because you no longer are lost in thought forms, you see clearly, and beyond the mind, and ordinary mind states. 

You become a feeler, a knower, and a lover, your mind is lovely and you hold the capacity 'to love' as well as 'to know,' you need to maintain time alone, away from others mind games and come into feeling more and more so that you can love with your heart and mind. 

You become pure to different degrees along your path depending on the person. 

In the early stages of enlightenment you go throw a period of honeymoon where you are in celebration of that freedom, it goes for varying lengths of time depending on the person.  My honeymoon went about 3 years.  i was so happy.  And the shit was yet to hit the fan in terms of how I understood this new state or space to be, in the world. 

I feel it's when you become aware that you are not the body, and get thrown into seeing you are not the mind, but you are the witness. You have realised the self, is not this, not that.

In fact, the moment you become enlightened you cease to exist as a separate entity. You are nothingness, gone into eternity, but paradoxically going to become 'more here' than ever. Due to become more settled in feeling states, states of intuitive knowing about things in the immediate and distant environments and minds of people. Established in self. It has taken me nine and a half years to become established in self, and come to a state of love.  Mainly because i'm sensitive, and very aware of the world and the universes.

In the early stages of enlightenment, the newly enlightened being can attempt to make it known that something has happened to them, to make a public statement or series of public statements. They often are shunned but that's good bc it means that the enlightened one is protected. 

In some cases it isobviously difficult to know whether the statement is true, whether the person is enlightened or not.  Knowing how it is, i would say you can percieve it through the eyes, they become clearer, less mind fog in the eyes, more pure looking.   Personally, I just knew I was enlightened, although the changes happened to me more over time as the realisations became more cemented, and as i grew and matured in my wisdom over the decade.

It is rare someone else accepts my reality of reaching enlightenment as their truth, although I see deeply that they actually 'know' it, they often deny that knowledge and refuse to accept my enlightenment purely based on their ego, more below...


Enlightenment in society, the impacts of the concept of enlightenment on the mind and ego of the un enlightened.

The people I meet and know are generally ignorant about the 'concept' of enlightenment, they think it's out of reach, and it's hard to grasp it unless it's your experience and it is rare the enlightened person goes into depth about what it means to be enlightened. I find discussions of enlightenment, affects the ego of the unenlightened, it leads them to convince themselves it's about believing to be better than, that unenlightened is less than, it's an awful mess. I might be female, which makes me different to being male, different not better or worse, it's the same with enlightenment, you are either enlightened or unenlightened. Different!  Where the better and worse comes into it, it is clearly the ego making such a mess.

I feel totally unseen and disrespected when people refuse to acknowledge a complete shift in my total being, I'm not the same person I was, even my parents refuse to notice the effect that all this yoga and meditation has had on me and my views of the world.  Very very frustrating.  They dont even seem to ask me why i do meditation, why i like it.  I think they are totally hopeless.  The experience is strange, why they are so terribly ignorant is beyond me.  I know there is a deeper reason for it, and i know that things shift when we do, I am told by my spirit guides not to expect a change here. Its protecting me.

Taking the world into an age of enlightenment for all.

I also perceived that people were egotistic, always trying to get me to take the world to a spiritual enlightenment phase, where everyone would get the opportunity to evolve. This happened for certain periods and I've been drugged now to stop me being vulnerable to the minds and manipulation of the ordinary only because they want to go to heaven. I not responsible for the enlightenment of everyone else. I not responsible for your minds. I have to experience your minds when I'm near you, which is why I prefer to stay alone.