Monday, February 22, 2016

this moment

I woke up feeling happy and in my heart 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Head, no thanks, heart, yes...

Most days i sit and try to feel, to stay in my heart and move into my being.

Today, I was in my heart and loving after a small stint in a cafe, giving people love.After sitting at home basking in the love, having a cry to release, I decided to take a break and have a look in a dress shop. Upon returning I felt terrible, hard full of bad feelings, I acknowledged I was in my mind. I'd been taken into my mind. I had a little bit of fun and right there, happy again,' back in the heart.

The atmosphere kept trying to take me back into my mind, with awareness i managed to stay down, in my heart.

Went for a walk again, this time to get an Ice cream, and noticed if my awareness was on myself I'd stay down, on others straight into the mind. but I'm just being made very aware by today's openness that everyone is in their minds, and trying to bring me out of my heart and into my mind.

I endeavour to stay in my heart. I'm very aware of the up down notion which can take place for a Buddha but I know that i belong where I'm happy, in my heart. It's safer, cosier, happier there.
I feel angry at all people for being in their heads and trying to pull me unconsciously into mine.