Monday, October 5, 2015


After spending seven years on and off at Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, Suffolk Park and Rosebank, in the Northern Rivers, (as well as sydney and overseas) it feels my time is coming to make a move to Melbourne...ive had a very meaningful and educational time up here and have grown and matured quite dramatically.  I can now see the depth of my wisdom in everything, yes, god in everything.

I first came to the area after being enlightened in Sydney, 2007.    I had been guided to come up to Byron to further continue developing my yoga practice, with Glenn Ceresoli Iyengar Senior Teacher.  I was very shy yet wise at this stage, a little silent and all knowing.  I was looking for where i was going, being drawn away from interior design and career focus, still avoiding relationship particularly as i was super sensitive to the mind of others.

Looking for signs outside myself,  in my environment, i got lost in the mind.  A tarot card reader actually told me about Osho Baba-Ananda being in the countryside and being my teacher., a psychiatrist also guided me to Samaya saying what i need is time out in the country sweeping some floors and gardening, a massage therapist told me to look within, other psychics giving me hints...  i got taken off path by moving outside myself, and not going deep into meditation, running outside myself.....attempting to continue yoga teacher development at byron yoga centre, attempting to live in sydney, stints at home with my parents in Gosford, time 'running' around Europe, time spent with my nanna, all this time i was hiding from the world, shocked by my learning's as a a wise woman, enjoying a quiet down time waiting for a great time of finding myself with the world and environment supporting my path to my deeper self, one with all.

.....Further trips to Byron for educating myself as a yoga teacher i began openly delving into light energy healings and mantra, and finally found Osho and Samaya Ashram in 2011 but Samaya lets on he knew i was coming from 2009 when they constructed the Buddha hall....I spent  two 5month stints @ Samaya Ashram, Osho ashram with Samaya come Osho Baba -Ananda, doing mind clearings, and with a stint in suffolk park in between followed by a year and a half in Mullumbimby, coming back to my own freedom.. Don't forget the few stints in hospital as my guides and spiritual teachings have opened me up to a different dimension, which descended upon me after a Kundalini awakening when i was in India in 2010- 2011.  The time Ive spent at Samaya Ashram brought me to a stage of NO  MIND, and the time there important in bringing me back to the HEART and finally shock me and release madness's to bring me back to the being, a place where you lose yourself to existence. See Osho's teachings for more information.

To finish off this time I've deciding to publish a poetic educational inspirational illustrated book based on the mystic heart and how to apply mysticism to a modern heart... designed for people who are looking for a bit of guidance on the path, perhaps teenagers who cant see why they're so emotional and need some moral support.  After travelling so wide and so far hiding in the enlightened mind it has taken me four years to come back to the stage of feeling, the heart.  So its time to give to the world all that i have learnt so far, in the way of an illustrated journey with the heart.

The book at the moment will be called 'I HOLD THE WORLD IN MY HEART'... a book of questions and inspiration for the deep, innocent and beautiful....  stay tuned and feel free to forward your feedback about my writings/insights to

lots of love on the path