Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Open hearted innocent me

Today i was drawn out of my house for a walk in the sunlight, i walked the long way around my house, allowing my intuition to lead as my guide...the first experience i had was of having a small boy walking behind me, he wanted company, i waited for him to catch up with me and he beamed his love at me, we continue to commune and i continued to walk a little bit with him, next thing, his little friend on bike came to catch up with him, and they moved off together.... next situation, i came across a house, with a work truck out the front, and someone on the roof doing work, i stayed there in the presence of who ever was working, playing and flirting with the flowers, i left when my stomach rumbled, and 'ooopps' slipped off my tongue and 'faki' lentils followed, id eaten too much the night had upset my stomach...i turned the corner, and felt the strong energy coming from inside the car, my energy wanted to slow down near this car, so i did, it wanted to stop altogether but it was a bit intense, so i kept walking past, it upset me whatever was going on in there, i stood by the trees for support, next thing, mother and son get out of the car, mother tied to a mobile emitting a gruesome anger inside of her, she walks to the back of the car, boy walks to the front, throws something on the ground and jumps on it, obviously mirroring and expressing the emotions his mother couldnt face, this brought me to tears, (already very sensitive this past few weeks) my energy entered the park, and was scared of the bigger trees, as they would open me up and allow me to have a big release, i against my energy i moved close to the trees and allowed myself to have a nice big release,.. what a beautiful walk... i really saw what it felt to be a child in a country town today, there were other instances of being drawn to a wandering man, and eye contacting with him repeatedly, being connected with another lady, communing with my neighbour....really tapping into the deeper mystic child of me since having some very deep heals earlier in the week.  Thanks to the universe for opening me up and allowing me to see reality as it is, and the vulnerable child me who is open to connection with everyone she meets, and just wants to share love.
Im still not willing to fully embrace this openess as scared as to who i might face, memories of being chased down the river in india by a lady with a fruit basket on her head and a very large stick.'

My master, Osho.

This photo of OSHO brings me to tears everytime i look at it, and continues to move me deeply - a beautiful photo, showing his deep sensitivity, passion, openness and love.
I have so much love for this man, and am saddened by the poisoning that happened to him, and the stories of the end of his life.  I respect him so deeply and am endlessly grateful for the teachings 'he' has left for humanity. Close your eyes and feel his presence, his love. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Written inspiration 02

I breathe in
I take in the world-
I breathe out
I let go of it all-
I search for answers
In society, in books, in knowledge-
I find my answers
In myself, in my heart, mind and being
I think i am-
I create my world with actions, stemming from my thoughts or ideas {masterfully aligned with my heart}
I search outside,
Or i turn within-
I feel i am
I am a being beyond the mind-
The universe powerfully creates from the desires of my heart,
and the thoughts passing through this mind-
I choose to live laugh and love
I connect with you
I connect with me
So full of intelligence
Some say think before you speak
I feel before i act
I feel love and act
I trust i am moving the right way
I follow my intuition
And sometimes a feeling of peace engulfs me
I breathe in our silences
And let go of my pain
I centre
I move from my being
Somedays i rain, and others i shine.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Poetry of the mind...

I awake and listen to the winds at night

I remember a time when no one was there for me
Where was I ?

I don't love words-

 I love being with the one

Tonight I was receiving guidance about a children's book I warn to write-

It needs to be a story :) it's concept is heart truth, and so it makes sense that it flows purely from the heart... :) It might begin something like this...I walk and see,  and end ...from my love.
I wrote and drew up the plan for an informative blurb but it's kinda like desiderata and is quite profound yet cold and bland. Beautiful and simple but not fantastical whimsical and dreamy like a children's narrative could be.

I had to throw out some information in my mind before I get a flow through of juiciness.... Empty empty empty the field of your mind... 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

on yearning...

"If people have some sort of yearning, dissatisfaction or some itching irritability, then it might because they aren't looking in the right direction for a solution. They aren't looking within." ~ Russell Brand

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stilling the consciousness

'Chitta vrtti nirodha'

A yoga blog, I've missed my practice. I've had about 6 months off again, my legs sleepy, chest sunken... After one week my yoga body is returning. Energetically shifting into a more still consciousness.

The following is based on my experience and learnings...

The quote.. A popular one as it encapsulates the main purpose of yoga, silence for meditation and further practice with the crazy mind...but according to osho, yoga is the long path to liberation, and all we need is a second to get where yogis practice to be in years... We can click into a pure consciousness anytime, it is in fates hands. The desire, will and awareness are yours, meditation is possible for any Jo blo.  The yoga sends everything ( the mind)  underground, it grows our power/ energy and connectedness to the universe, and an unawareness of this can be dangerous, leading to natural disasters and the like w karmic cleanse goings on.

Long uninterrupted practice stills the consciousness, or silences the mind... But not quietens, the questions remain, ( meditate here) and from my experience the practitioner becomes closer to the soul, the walk home from the yoga studio becomes increasingly vivid as disruptions to the mind/ emotions become less turbulent. ( practice pranayama here).. Although this to me seems only to be a surface treatment, (give up the yoga and a little turbulence may return.... )

Monday, March 3, 2014

Feeling and mystery

I feel a craving
Is it a yearning.
It is a dull pain piercing through my heart.
I conclude, it is a yearning for love.
It  disappears.

I come across the word grief.
25 percent return of dull piercing returns.

To miss out on experiencing a deep intense love relationship may be leading to grief.

I was born to love.
Now that I am beginning to work well with myself and my own feelings it is appearing to be a time to invite more sharing with another.

A feeling of hollowness enters the space behind my heart, the area of receptiveness.

Clarity- thank you.

Monday, February 24, 2014


'Whatever is in you – grief, pain, anger – you should be capable of releasing it into the vast sky; then you will be free from your suffering.
There is no need to take it out on other people. What do you achieve by taking it out on people? People are just like pegs to hang things on. When a big peg like the sky is available, why take it out on small pegs like people? As it is, everyone is so full of grief; why load more on them? As it is, your wife is being crushed and is dying; as it is your husband is collapsing. How much more grief do you want to pile on? Why add more fuel to the fire? This open sky is very big, and its heart is so big that it will never tire of taking on your burdens. Let your grief fly away into this vast expanse, and there will be no trace left of – it will vanish.
All things dissolve in the sky. You too will vanish; what to say of your grief? You were not here yesterday – you were born out of this sky. When you cease to be tomorrow, you will once again merge with the sky. Earths are born and are destroyed, suns blaze and burn out, stars are born and then disintegrate, universes come and go…the sky absorbs everything. Your grief is nothing. Give it to the sky and it will absorb it.
Create a storm and let your grief be carried away. And then you will get a glimpse of bliss. In the void, in the silence that will come after the storm, you will feel it constantly.'
from The Voice of Silence by Osho