Monday, January 30, 2012

Off the matt...

'The body is my temple, the asanas are my prayers.'  BKS Iyengar

Yesterday I went to a yoga workshop in Goa, with one of my dearest teachers and gurus, Glenn Ceresoli - an International Iyengar Teacher...
He spoke about balance, as a point of upliftment, and lightness, rather than a point of restriction or contraction.

He taught us how to bring this concept into practice through alignment. Which legs is rolling in, which out? Which side of the spine is contracted, which over extended? He then provided us with subtle movements to align and bring us into balance. It takes training.  These movements are also designed to bring the body into alignment with something greater. An intelligence which moves towards empowering the body to adjust itself.  Creating trust and surrender.  By having correct alignment - we can lift up and defy gravity, and gradually we observe we are supported. 

Glenn taught us how to manage ourselves, and make adjustments to 'ourselves' so that we can break through the restrictions which divide us from being 'one' -  in the asanas.  We create an intelligent dialogue with our inner environment, always aware of the breath, always watching, seeing the patterns and ready to adjust.     Moving us away from fear, and straight into love and care, moving us in the right direction, each movement holding this intent.  We can become aware of our imbalances & weaknesses and use these to find a balance.

Wander-full stuff! So simple, so effective.
In love.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Goa brings with her, mosquitos.
Buddhism teaches compassion and renouncing pacts of revenge, or waiting in ambush.

Upon arriving in goa, i created a tapas for myself, or a self discipline practice for myself  - 'harmlessness.' This means not squatting mosquitos, amongst other things such as not reacting to others projections. I now find that the mosquitos are not biting me.

Practicing Non Harm allows you to live in the vibration of peace. When you give only love, you live in peace.
When you eminate love & peace, you draw towards you situations of love.

With great love -

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Quotes_ Great Mystics

'The way of love is not a subtle argument

The door there is devastation.

Birds make great sky circles of their freedom
How do they learn it?

They fall, and in falling they're given wings'