Monday, September 5, 2016

How much can I bare?

How much can i bare?

Nobody but me, here, understands what I experience in everyday life.  It is terrible the state of society and the mind of mankind. 

Everybody is in their minds. I must be very rare to be in my heart and mostly in my being. 

Mostly people are in their thoughts, and that limits them to being not very here. I can see the clouds and feel the kind of pain and anguish they face on a momentary basis. I know you can be healed and free and absolutely not free from this.

I walk my path seeing control mechanisms of both men and women, the men trying to dominate the women and sometimes society, treating their own children and families as mechanisms to reach somewhere they're not and they'll never get.  They energetically persuade people to do as they wish through the power of their unconscious mind. I see it all the time, and feel the effects of people trying to manipulate my being to get whatever they want. But I'm blessed to know what's happening and when, where most people aren't quite so savvy.

My intuition guides me momentarily and I'm shown how I need to behave by my strong and clear feelings and internal movements.
I'm always avoiding people who want to mess with my soul and heart and trying to stay near the pure hearty ones. 

Today I hoped to be, be, like just breathe in and out and feel, but I was overtaken by many people, trying to get their way and dominating my being. I cried and in the moment I did the winds came, the winds are always there showing me when evil is expressing itself.

I felt so at a loss, saddened and over it. I'm not here for you stupid people. I not going to be in your head space. I don't like your head and keep it away from me. Today I feel nauteous and don't want people connecting me to their minds, I want to stay in my peaceful bedroom and be. Still and beautiful. 

More than this is how I feel. I am more than this. Most . I feel. Most people do t understand what's going on. I am. I am here, I am alive. It's not perfect but I'm free and happy in my heart. Most people aren't. I am here. I am here. I am here. 

Mantra, for me is this. I am here. I am here. I am here. 

Most people are in their fucked up minds trying to manipulate everything around them to get what they want! It's not right!

I'm so pissed off with all of society and everyone knows I hate it here. I'm kind. But no one else sees this. I'm beautiful, pure, but no one sees this. I am here. It's no use everybody is too concerned with their personal agenda. 

Trying to be felt/ heard /respected/ honoured in this world is impossible. It is rare I feel loved. I got to go to India to do that. 

I mean I have had enough of western mind. I am so sick to death of it I might cry for eternity.  My soul is hurting so hard. It is not happy. My heart is happy. My soul unhappy. Most people don't get it. I feel like expressing what's happening for me as enlightenment, is not meant to be easy. It is excruciatingly painful and difficult. It has never been easy. I'm trapped in a world - you don't know what it is! It is not what you think! It is not how you think! 

Get out of your mind. Meditate. Feel. Come closer to the truth. I hope you enjoy the process and the beauty of things like the sound of silence, the glance of a pure friend, the love of good people, it is not actually how you perceive... 
Hope you see something of a different vision. I'm sure that you hope to understand, it might take you sometime but if you really want to 'know', and maybe even 'love' someday than your time on earth has not been lost in the rat race. 
Much love