Saturday, October 29, 2011


 In gratitude to my teachers and the teachings and practices I have received.  
'The Divine Dancer' blog is dedicated to the higher enlightenment of all sentient beings...

' May all beings, everywhere, be free from suffering and the causes of suffering, may we discover our inherent true nature and the natural law. May we become ever-increasingly peaceful, loving, light and free. So be it.  '

Welcome to all! 
May the journey be smooth + may you find what you are looking for..

Love. light and all things nice... Bree { interior designer, come yogi, come healer... }

Friday, October 28, 2011

The joy of living...

' Have you ever looked very closely at a flower? How astonishingly precise it is, with all its petals, yet there is an extraordinarily tenderness, a perfume, a loveliness about it.  Now, when a man tries to be orderly, his life may be very precise, but it has lost that quality of gentleness which comes into being only when, life the flower, there is no effort.  So our difficulty to be precise, clear and expansive withou effort.

You see, the effort to be orderly or tidy has such a narrowing influence, If i deliberately try to be orderly in my room, if i am careful to put everything in its place, if i am always watching myself, where i put my feet, and so on, what happens? I become an intolerable bore to myself and others. It is a tiresome person who is always trying to be something, whose thoughts are carefully arranged who chooses one thought in preference to another.  Such a person may be tidy, clear, he may use words precisely, he may be very attentive and considerate, but he has lost the joy of living.'

... from Think on These Things, by J Krishnamurti