Wednesday, March 5, 2014

on yearning...

"If people have some sort of yearning, dissatisfaction or some itching irritability, then it might because they aren't looking in the right direction for a solution. They aren't looking within." ~ Russell Brand

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stilling the consciousness

'Chitta vrtti nirodha'

A yoga blog, I've missed my practice. I've had about 6 months off again, my legs sleepy, chest sunken... After one week my yoga body is returning. Energetically shifting into a more still consciousness.

The following is based on my experience and learnings...

The quote.. A popular one as it encapsulates the main purpose of yoga, silence for meditation and further practice with the crazy mind...but according to osho, yoga is the long path to liberation, and all we need is a second to get where yogis practice to be in years... We can click into a pure consciousness anytime, it is in fates hands. The desire, will and awareness are yours, meditation is possible for any Jo blo.  The yoga sends everything ( the mind)  underground, it grows our power/ energy and connectedness to the universe, and an unawareness of this can be dangerous, leading to natural disasters and the like w karmic cleanse goings on.

Long uninterrupted practice stills the consciousness, or silences the mind... But not quietens, the questions remain, ( meditate here) and from my experience the practitioner becomes closer to the soul, the walk home from the yoga studio becomes increasingly vivid as disruptions to the mind/ emotions become less turbulent. ( practice pranayama here).. Although this to me seems only to be a surface treatment, (give up the yoga and a little turbulence may return.... )

Monday, March 3, 2014

Feeling and mystery

I feel a craving
Is it a yearning.
It is a dull pain piercing through my heart.
I conclude, it is a yearning for love.
It  disappears.

I come across the word grief.
25 percent return of dull piercing returns.

To miss out on experiencing a deep intense love relationship may be leading to grief.

I was born to love.
Now that I am beginning to work well with myself and my own feelings it is appearing to be a time to invite more sharing with another.

A feeling of hollowness enters the space behind my heart, the area of receptiveness.

Clarity- thank you.