Friday, September 9, 2016

What I'm experiencing...

At the moment, I am facing ongoing onslaught of people trying to get in my headspace and steal or fuck with my love.  I'm not happy about it but I am aware that it will stop soon.   Another windy day, the wind signifying evil abounding.

I feel like i can no longer take part in group settings.  I was about to start an 8 day spring yoga intensive until I remembered that all this year Ive been moving away from groups, no longer attending the osho meditations on sunday mornings or the osho community dinner, no healings, no kirtan, no cooking classes, no yoga classes, no counselling course in brisbane,....nope, nothing, Not able to sit next to people while they take advantage of my niceness and fuck with my mind.

Ive become very aware of my feelings especially this last few weeks. and now i can feel what ive been shown, I can now feel.... The jealousy ive been shown for a year, i can now feel; the men and the heavy minds overpowering and stopping me from feeling, i can now feel; the people stealing love, i can now feel, and see.... alot more sensitive and aware.  So all the time alone is starting to show.

Im enjoying being and being alone, alot more satsified with the simplicity.  Im enjoying my space. feeling is a beautiful experience ... i feel like im ready to move.  ive done my work here...ive moved from heart to mind.

I'm ready.

I'm hoping that ill be readier to move in march and will see how i feel in the middle of the month, i just hope ill have my man by then... :D