Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ashati 2

Yesterday I was attuned to the Ashati 2 Energies... meaning i received the software to begin healing myself and others with the Ashati 1 and 2 energies...  over the next 21 days i will begin a process which will open up the  communication between my lower and higher minds.. meaning i will become more consciously aware of my psychic ability and soul, as per my souls desire, to know the soul.  We'll see how it goes hey...

check out///

[distant healings and attunements, entity removal!]

A great dissolution..

Today, i reflect on how i am feeling in the social arena - my lack of connection and even interest with people, is a sign that im beginning to let go of my own ego and mind.  I see that my personality dissolving, and i actually feel that by me maintaining this 'likeable, lovely, cool, wannabe'' personality, is really trying and dull, and is just interfering with any chances of real authenticity... this is a little radical, and i really feel that any inauthentic contact that i have is getting in the way of authenticity.  That by me staying alone, reading very little and being fairly inactive besides beach walking and swimming, yoga classes, cooking, cleaning, and meditating... is actually a step in the right direction as far as dealing with my aloneness, which is what we all run from, but we need to see and release this deep is a very uncomfortable feeling to be alone, and yes, society can secure you out of that, but luckily or uncomfortably for me, society just doesnt quite work for me at the moment.  Yes, this is an interesting phenomena, and i feel that i am almost at surrendering point... i have been ignoring my guides a little lately, some rebelling going on, but this is society...refusing to give up control or power,..  but i seem to be getting to a point of crumble..  dissolve personality, youre getting in my way..

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Revealing the truth of self

'When you love, you project.  You love not to give; you love to take, you love to exploit.  When you love a person, you love to exploit.  When you love a person, you start trying to fix this person according to you, according to your ideas. Every husband is doing that, every wife is doing that, every friend.  They go on trying to change the other, the real and the real cannot be changed - you will only get frustrated.

The real cannot be changed.'

 on the perfected silent types...
'A man like Sosan loves, but his love is not an exploitation, his love has a different quality to it, he will love but it will not be like yours.  He will love but it will not be a choice, or a projection, or a love of his own dream.  His love will be real. He loves because he has got too much, he is an overflowing. He is not creating a dream around anybody.  He shares with whomsoever comes on his path. His sharing is unconditional, and he does not expect a thing from you.  If love expects then there will be frustration.  If love expects then there will be unfulfillment, misery and madness.' 

The Book of Nothing, Osho

Clarify thy heart...

' When there is no liking and disliking, your eyes are clear, you have a clarity.  Then you see the other as he is or she is.  And when you have a clarity of consciousness the existence reveals itself to you. That really is godliness, that reality is truth.'  The Book of Nothing, by Osho

I am feeling a deep gratitude today as i reflect on the deep insights i have been receiving in the past few weeks... i feel that as I become more aware of the clouds and layers of my emotions - that, my truth and the truth of others is beginning to show itself... yes, everything is becoming more real, and I feel more trust, love and closeness to other beings as i begin to melt away the outer shell of fear or for me, trembling, followed by layers of sadness and tears and holding or control and repression, to deep happiness and fulfilment which seems to come up from within... a soft love sits there under it all, and in that space i have begun to be pulled into that freedom and truth, instead of sitting on the sideline as an observer.

I am allowing myself to become more and more emotionally loose, crying discreetly in public places, observing and allowing tears to fall, escaping to toilets for mini 'dynamics', in fact encouraging any little pains in my heart to open to layers of liquid in the eyes which crack open and break into slow tears... and fast tears... all different kinds and textures of tears... amazing -  its out out out this week.  always making sure to celebrate these moments, by finishing with a dance and a big smile.

I feel I am being thrown back to myself by more and more situations, slowly slowly finding my way to an unknown authenticity, a centredness - a thank you to osho and his people, and to existence. Today I have allowed myself to see myself as I am and you are, and I feel we are all blessed. 

Opening to embracing the real me and real you.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moving inwards... in in in..

I have been feeling like i am missing my calling, my heart wants me to go back to the ashram, but my mind still wants to conquer the commercial world... even if it is with healing, yoga and massage.

I am reminded, the waves on the top of the ocean show nothing of the depth.

I want to continue my spiritual unfoldment, i just feel so restrained here, there is a resistance to being here in byron,.. i know that it will pass if i sit it out...:D yoga classes and massage studio unfolding, a design fitout in brisbane unfolding...  i feel amongst the ordinary folk and yet i feel so different, my needs not met, how do i release them.  I feel so deeply bored and unfulfilled in a town life of work and play. Right now.

what is it that i need? or want?
blessings fall from above and i listen to the words that speak to my heart...
give me the answers, please...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Something I need to remind self about, when feeling like there is something 'wrong' or even not quite right going on within me among and amidst the chaos... :D

'The enlightened man has no friends, no enemies, but only a pure love, unaddressed. He is ready to pour into anybody’s heart who is available. That is real authentic friendliness' osho

As Samaya mentioned to me the other day in the ashram, that no one can pass me without noticing me, and now i have become aware of my deep connection with all people, i see that everyone deeply acknowledges me.  Smiles generally creep onto the lips of people as they enter into the energetic field around me.  This is not an egoic point, it is simply an observation of existential truth.  The enlightened is one with the universe and the energetic field has become thick and impregnated with love.

When I was in the Satyananda ashram in Greece I was gracefully working on the Interior Design for Paramahamsa Satyanandas tribute space where our great Paramahamsa's ashs are kept, {similar to the buddha auditorium in pune where oshos ashs are..}  This time was special, and it gave me an understanding of the energy field surrounding masters  - I guess I have been in denial about the strength of the energy field around me, basically because in a conscious way my australian culture and upbringing is unconsiously aware, or consciously unaware of my development,..{i feel misunderstood and disrespected, and not really at a point where i feel wise  enough to face it and teach people about spirituality, other than through yoga and energy work, although my intellectual knowledge was always a strength of mine, its a time for dropping it.}

Basically, now is a time when I am being 'called' to look inside, to leave it, to become aware of my own emotions, and the emotions of others, to see, to look - 'to let go' and become this flowing river or sea of love.  I am feeling relieved, that these emotions are being welcomed, and have begun to have alot of experiences with my own and others emotions. Bring it on!  Clarity is coming, i can feel it :D

Down times are gonna clear up....

The past few weeks alot of sadness has arisen with me...i am totally enjoying it!!  Just allowing myself to cry and release all of the pain and hurt... great times.  It is true i feel more whole, blessings are falling, and life is as it is.

'A person who can be patiently sad will suddenly find that one morning a happiness is arising in his heart from some unknown source. That unknown source is godliness. You have earned it if you have been truly sad; if you have been truly hopeless, desperate, unhappy, miserable, if you have lived in hell, you have earned heaven. You have paid the cost....

Confront life. Encounter life. Difficult moments will be there, but one day you will see that those difficult moments gave you strength because you encountered them. They were meant to be. Those difficult moments are hard when you are passing through them, but later on you will see they have made you more integrated. Without them you would never have been centered, grounded.'  osho!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Heart centered everything...

In this moment, i feel that this message is the heart of spirituality, and this is an idea and belief that i can say is congruent within me, based on both the mind and heart...  broken down, its simply that the heart, hurt may allow the mind and the ego to take over, to calculate, to break things down, to become irritated or fearful, and believe that it needs to defend itself against life, so that ignorantly, nothing/no-one can touch it - but really, we can always have a way to know, to connect with life and to trust by connecting with our heart.

'When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that its bottomless, that it doesnt have any resolution,that this heart, is vast and limitless.  You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space.  Your world may seem less solid, more roomy and spacious.  The burden lightens.  In the beginning it might feel like sadness or a shaky feeling, accompanied by a lot of fear, to make fear your companion is growing.  You're willing to get to know yourself at this deep level.' Pema Chodron on Loving Kindness and Compassion

This is where i am right now, I have been hiding in the heat of my base chakras, and finally practically thanks to ashram in the bush have begun to raise my consciousness to the soft cool sweetness of the heart.  Night trembling and day trembling are coming to me at the moment, and i can healthily say that fear is my companion.  Also being enlightened opens your self to the feelings and thoughts of the world and so opening the enlightened heart maybe more scary and painful then pre.

'You're the only one who knows when you're opening and when you're closing.  You're the only one who knows when you're using things to protect yourself and keep your ego together and when you're keeping your ego together and when you're opening and letting things fall apart, letting the world come as it is - working with it
 rather than struggling against it.  You're the only one who kn knows.'  Pema Chodron

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quotes_Great Mystics

                                              'Everytime you are empowered you will be tested'
                                                                    Caroline Myss


Friday, March 22, 2013

Love chant

Feel like you've fallen and are fallng? DRINK UP! this vital nectar will uplift your soul and connect you to spirit. Love to you

'“Patitam, patantam patishyantam dh√£rayati it dharmaha” – 
This means one who has fallen (past tense), one who is in the state of falling (present tense) or one who is about to fall (future tense), morally, physically, mentally, intellectually and consciously, then that which lifts those who have fallen or in the state of falling or may fall later and upholds and sustains him is dharma.'

Courtesy of BKS Iyengar..
{someone who has fallen out of a love state, in the heart, ie someone playing around with fear, sex and power, control, mind games ie most, if not all of us. and so, 'patitam, patantam.......' ;D.}

Sanskrit, the language, when pronounced correctly holds the powerful resonance and vibration of the words expressed. It is a way to manifest and work with the energy of now.  The mantra 'patitam' can bring us up to the heart chakra from lower sex and power chakras so that we can live and be in a space of love aka peace.  Spread the words, live a conscious life, live the dharma?


Reading signs...

I saw an owl on the street last night driving to byron from the ashram, it was dark, the magnificent owl was lit by the car lights on the opposite side of the road, it was looking back over its shoulder - you couldn't see its face!!

A few moments before a frog was crossing my path, and i expected it would make it past and didnt slow a great deal, the frog lost its foot and slipped almost under my wheel, i slammed on the brakes, he made it free and i burst into tears,,,,  from here on i slowed and watched for animals very carefully... then the owl came...

Nature leaves the most wonderful signs.. i am on the right path, and nature is here for me, and you... For this i feel a deep gratitude. :D

To me this was symbolic, the tripping of the frog and the near death, reminds me of where i am right now, its like im so close to living a life of ultimate freedom and beatttiude, and that i just need to make it past this last massive mountain, where i could die, well i will die and be reborn...

The owl, shows me of the hiding of my face, for me its about fear of being and showing my new powerful and wise self to the world... a big step, to own my sexuality, to be centered in the heart in love, to be free and speak my truth, to respect theother as they need, to remain myself, and not get lost in the world of mimicking and pretending because its easier, to be authentic...... i feel that a further initiation maybe required - into womanhood.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Time out from time...

So somehow i found myself offline and off-writing, maybe even anti-writing for about 6 long intense months of spiritual development and psychic insight.  I left samaya ashram in the bush @ byron bay hinterlands in november after 6 months of seeing my lifes path revealed.  During this time i began to develop compassion for myself and my life path and also for others. In saying this, it is now i am aware that i watch when 'my heart steams and fires' and now that I gratefully begin to move towards prayer and communion... ' Now i know that when i move the wrong or right way, a flood can form... this path is not for the faint hearted.  Gather your courage because forwards we need to go.

Chrisitian mysticism presented me with the practical insight into how the goodness and badness of The Christian doctrine deeply affected our psyche.  With power comes responsibility, and responsibility for us fragile spoilt and deeply hurt and moved ones comes either love or fear, you get to christianity and religious dogmatism imprisoned us in a static and dead book world of guilt, blame and shame, harmed our minds and hearts for eternity, and to free us from this, especially us inferior yogis, is a long and challenging process, that sometimes more than one person can face, for one person is in fact connected to the sacred heart and energy system and consciousness of the all.  [dont believe me- oh, thats power]

So during this time i began to differentiate between 'my own' heart and 'my own' mind, my own' soul' and 'my own' 'spirit, and all the time realising that the outside influences created the being i am today, and the unique path i still feel i have chosen parts of, was created by forces much much bigger than thyself...this is one of the most important teachings to date... especially for this little caged bird, who has spent years wanting to express her full self, and burns each time she passees up the opportunity to sing to the world...the journeys message.  sing. dont miss.  be.

I found that my mind was being astrally sweeped by the onsite seers @ samaya ashram, i was patiently waiting, trying to fulfill the desires of my soul to keep up, to let go of the mad concoction of the worlds mind.  THis lifes past was put into the light, with projections and illusions all demonstrated before my eyes.  Dreams i had were seen, with the blockage carefully portrayed, blockages to dreams, parental influence, friends, habits and addictions of mine, as taking the place in time of things i really wanted.

Osho said in one of his books
that ' a buddha without compassion can be a great calamity for the world.'

My passage to osho began back at the beginninng of 2011 when i feel i was being guided to him, his teachings and his people, 'the surrendered love beings,' and it wasnt until march 2012 that i made it there.. I made it to goa, and on to pune, after completing a world trip. I had been consistently cleaning myself and trying to spread the love in every step through healing myself and walking in a vibration of  love.  The great oracle osho guided me that iwas holding onto alot of un necessary pain and hurt and that i needed to let go of  - so that i can have full faith that i can authentically teach or guide others..

Sunday, January 6, 2013

On Chakras..

'Awaken the ajna chakra first'
A traditional approx to chakras is to begin with intuition and rationality first
- By Swami Siva Murti @ Satyananda Hellas

Without purification of ida and pingala,  & proper systematic opening of chakras via different cleansing exercises and pranayamas, deep fears may arise, alot of sexual desire and fantasy comes to the surface, suppressed guilt comes to the surface, grief, this is a process, we are going forward in spite of the fact we carry these disturbances

We require common sense or rational ability to overcome these difficulties.

Practical Exercise:
Find an example of not acting with common sense, in retrospect, think about how much better it would have been if you had acted with common sense. Discuss.

Muladhara - Fear
Swadisthana - Guilt