Sunday, April 17, 2016

Breaking up...

This latest experience of breaking up with a lover has been a deeply transforming experience.

There have been a number of steps in the process and it is only four months later that my being has decided to separate energetically. The pain I'm feeling in my body is immense. Like a clanging pain. I have energetically had to ask him to leave me, it is time to move on. I hope it goes well.

Initially I witnessed his mind leave my mind, then an acknowledgement that he stole my heart and that I didn't give it to him. I experienced a few releases of emotions after reiki, massage, releases of the heart. I experienced my guides triggering me into deep release on a few occasions. It was a flowering, an expression of anger and sadness, followed by happiness.

I have become more sensitive during the breakup time, it's not specific to break ups but where I am in my self realisation, I'm becoming more myself. In that, I'm feeling more not just me but the energies around me.

I'm happier out of relationship, I've observed. The heaviness of another's emotions are a weight for me, and I find myself more content out of relationship.

Right now is my time. I'm enjoying being and non doing. Keeping away from lower energies and centering in my being.

I'm about to go for a Lomi Lomi w gifted healer so hopefully I'll be more embodied after. I got to go now.  Sharing in love.