Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clarify thy heart...

' When there is no liking and disliking, your eyes are clear, you have a clarity.  Then you see the other as he is or she is.  And when you have a clarity of consciousness the existence reveals itself to you. That really is godliness, that reality is truth.'  The Book of Nothing, by Osho

I am feeling a deep gratitude today as i reflect on the deep insights i have been receiving in the past few weeks... i feel that as I become more aware of the clouds and layers of my emotions - that, my truth and the truth of others is beginning to show itself... yes, everything is becoming more real, and I feel more trust, love and closeness to other beings as i begin to melt away the outer shell of fear or for me, trembling, followed by layers of sadness and tears and holding or control and repression, to deep happiness and fulfilment which seems to come up from within... a soft love sits there under it all, and in that space i have begun to be pulled into that freedom and truth, instead of sitting on the sideline as an observer.

I am allowing myself to become more and more emotionally loose, crying discreetly in public places, observing and allowing tears to fall, escaping to toilets for mini 'dynamics', in fact encouraging any little pains in my heart to open to layers of liquid in the eyes which crack open and break into slow tears... and fast tears... all different kinds and textures of tears... amazing -  its out out out this week.  always making sure to celebrate these moments, by finishing with a dance and a big smile.

I feel I am being thrown back to myself by more and more situations, slowly slowly finding my way to an unknown authenticity, a centredness - a thank you to osho and his people, and to existence. Today I have allowed myself to see myself as I am and you are, and I feel we are all blessed. 

Opening to embracing the real me and real you.