Saturday, April 20, 2013

Something I need to remind self about, when feeling like there is something 'wrong' or even not quite right going on within me among and amidst the chaos... :D

'The enlightened man has no friends, no enemies, but only a pure love, unaddressed. He is ready to pour into anybody’s heart who is available. That is real authentic friendliness' osho

As Samaya mentioned to me the other day in the ashram, that no one can pass me without noticing me, and now i have become aware of my deep connection with all people, i see that everyone deeply acknowledges me.  Smiles generally creep onto the lips of people as they enter into the energetic field around me.  This is not an egoic point, it is simply an observation of existential truth.  The enlightened is one with the universe and the energetic field has become thick and impregnated with love.

When I was in the Satyananda ashram in Greece I was gracefully working on the Interior Design for Paramahamsa Satyanandas tribute space where our great Paramahamsa's ashs are kept, {similar to the buddha auditorium in pune where oshos ashs are..}  This time was special, and it gave me an understanding of the energy field surrounding masters  - I guess I have been in denial about the strength of the energy field around me, basically because in a conscious way my australian culture and upbringing is unconsiously aware, or consciously unaware of my development,..{i feel misunderstood and disrespected, and not really at a point where i feel wise  enough to face it and teach people about spirituality, other than through yoga and energy work, although my intellectual knowledge was always a strength of mine, its a time for dropping it.}

Basically, now is a time when I am being 'called' to look inside, to leave it, to become aware of my own emotions, and the emotions of others, to see, to look - 'to let go' and become this flowing river or sea of love.  I am feeling relieved, that these emotions are being welcomed, and have begun to have alot of experiences with my own and others emotions. Bring it on!  Clarity is coming, i can feel it :D