Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moving inwards... in in in..

I have been feeling like i am missing my calling, my heart wants me to go back to the ashram, but my mind still wants to conquer the commercial world... even if it is with healing, yoga and massage.

I am reminded, the waves on the top of the ocean show nothing of the depth.

I want to continue my spiritual unfoldment, i just feel so restrained here, there is a resistance to being here in byron,.. i know that it will pass if i sit it out...:D yoga classes and massage studio unfolding, a design fitout in brisbane unfolding...  i feel amongst the ordinary folk and yet i feel so different, my needs not met, how do i release them.  I feel so deeply bored and unfulfilled in a town life of work and play. Right now.

what is it that i need? or want?
blessings fall from above and i listen to the words that speak to my heart...
give me the answers, please...