Friday, March 22, 2013

Love chant

Feel like you've fallen and are fallng? DRINK UP! this vital nectar will uplift your soul and connect you to spirit. Love to you

'“Patitam, patantam patishyantam dhãrayati it dharmaha” – 
This means one who has fallen (past tense), one who is in the state of falling (present tense) or one who is about to fall (future tense), morally, physically, mentally, intellectually and consciously, then that which lifts those who have fallen or in the state of falling or may fall later and upholds and sustains him is dharma.'

Courtesy of BKS Iyengar..
{someone who has fallen out of a love state, in the heart, ie someone playing around with fear, sex and power, control, mind games ie most, if not all of us. and so, 'patitam, patantam.......' ;D.}

Sanskrit, the language, when pronounced correctly holds the powerful resonance and vibration of the words expressed. It is a way to manifest and work with the energy of now.  The mantra 'patitam' can bring us up to the heart chakra from lower sex and power chakras so that we can live and be in a space of love aka peace.  Spread the words, live a conscious life, live the dharma?