Friday, May 2, 2014

Poetry of the mind...

I awake and listen to the winds at night

I remember a time when no one was there for me
Where was I ?

I don't love words-

 I love being with the one

Tonight I was receiving guidance about a children's book I warn to write-

It needs to be a story :) it's concept is heart truth, and so it makes sense that it flows purely from the heart... :) It might begin something like this...I walk and see,  and end ...from my love.
I wrote and drew up the plan for an informative blurb but it's kinda like desiderata and is quite profound yet cold and bland. Beautiful and simple but not fantastical whimsical and dreamy like a children's narrative could be.

I had to throw out some information in my mind before I get a flow through of juiciness.... Empty empty empty the field of your mind...