Monday, May 19, 2014

Written inspiration 02

I breathe in
I take in the world-
I breathe out
I let go of it all-
I search for answers
In society, in books, in knowledge-
I find my answers
In myself, in my heart, mind and being
I think i am-
I create my world with actions, stemming from my thoughts or ideas {masterfully aligned with my heart}
I search outside,
Or i turn within-
I feel i am
I am a being beyond the mind-
The universe powerfully creates from the desires of my heart,
and the thoughts passing through this mind-
I choose to live laugh and love
I connect with you
I connect with me
So full of intelligence
Some say think before you speak
I feel before i act
I feel love and act
I trust i am moving the right way
I follow my intuition
And sometimes a feeling of peace engulfs me
I breathe in our silences
And let go of my pain
I centre
I move from my being
Somedays i rain, and others i shine.