Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Open hearted innocent me

Today i was drawn out of my house for a walk in the sunlight, i walked the long way around my house, allowing my intuition to lead as my guide...the first experience i had was of having a small boy walking behind me, he wanted company, i waited for him to catch up with me and he beamed his love at me, we continue to commune and i continued to walk a little bit with him, next thing, his little friend on bike came to catch up with him, and they moved off together.... next situation, i came across a house, with a work truck out the front, and someone on the roof doing work, i stayed there in the presence of who ever was working, playing and flirting with the flowers, i left when my stomach rumbled, and 'ooopps' slipped off my tongue and 'faki' lentils followed, id eaten too much the night had upset my stomach...i turned the corner, and felt the strong energy coming from inside the car, my energy wanted to slow down near this car, so i did, it wanted to stop altogether but it was a bit intense, so i kept walking past, it upset me whatever was going on in there, i stood by the trees for support, next thing, mother and son get out of the car, mother tied to a mobile emitting a gruesome anger inside of her, she walks to the back of the car, boy walks to the front, throws something on the ground and jumps on it, obviously mirroring and expressing the emotions his mother couldnt face, this brought me to tears, (already very sensitive this past few weeks) my energy entered the park, and was scared of the bigger trees, as they would open me up and allow me to have a big release, i against my energy i moved close to the trees and allowed myself to have a nice big release,.. what a beautiful walk... i really saw what it felt to be a child in a country town today, there were other instances of being drawn to a wandering man, and eye contacting with him repeatedly, being connected with another lady, communing with my neighbour....really tapping into the deeper mystic child of me since having some very deep heals earlier in the week.  Thanks to the universe for opening me up and allowing me to see reality as it is, and the vulnerable child me who is open to connection with everyone she meets, and just wants to share love.
Im still not willing to fully embrace this openess as scared as to who i might face, memories of being chased down the river in india by a lady with a fruit basket on her head and a very large stick.'