Saturday, May 27, 2017

I'm hoping to find love.. from a Mystic.

it's engulfing me this divine love, bolting me from the sky and cleansing my mind, as I sit still I release deep tears of humongous grief regarding things of this world that no one realises but um enlightened folk.

I'm really upset I'm so upset that divine help is here and holding Me in my own home while I let go of this sadness which could potentially sit in my heart forever if I don't feel it and let go of it in this very moment. It's good that I'm being cared for by the divine light. I'm grateful.

I'm saying that Jesus was poor. Because he loved so greatly and yet knew that no one here held the same amount of dearness towards life as he did. Just so you know, I've reached a state of love. I'm rare. I've been given a gift by existence and that is to know ie be enlightened and to love.

I'm feeling the release so greatly I'm crying to the end of my soul. I'm writing to get in the zone to allow this depth of sadness to surface, I'm hoping I'll find love in this world. I know it's nowhere in this place but I'm feeling I'll be guided to someone very feeling soon. I'm sure I'll be just fine but this intensity of awakening and feeling is great.

Love to you. Bree