Sunday, October 9, 2016

Spiritual practice for feelers

Spiritual practice for feelers.

An enlightened perspective on feeling, into the heart, Letting go of heart in the end into the being.

If you like feeling than this is for you. If you want to open yourself to feeling than this is for you. If you don't want to feel, than please don't read on...

It is common not to like feeling hence addictions, the manic run that society is on, to do!  As long as you are doing something. Yoga brings us back to our ability and joy in being, through a little doing to begin with, but afterwards you'll find your capacity to float and enjoy the simplicity of life, 

I would like express that the feelings that you feel are only important to your heart, it is not valuable to anyone else. It is not anyone in the world in the world it is you. If you want to experience life's beauty than you really need to connect with yourself. 

Our feelings connect us to us. It helps you to be able to connect with momentary knowledge. And truth without the dust of the mind. 

The more you feel the more you know reality. It helps you to be connected to yourself and everyone in the area. It helps to home you. In the moment.  In the moment is very meaningful. 

No more mind!

Empty the mind! Work with your breath and the movement. 

Hope you are feeling ok, it is a difficult world and I know through the experience of enlightenment that it is not easy. The mind plays a lot of games, and not just your mind, but the mind of everyone around you, the energy fields are a continuous flow of energy, and it can take form of many dark and difficult places, sometimes it allows pockets of peace too but generally slot of the time the circumstances are unfavourable.  

I feel a lot of the time that I am the only one who is here, it feels like no one else is experiencing life. It is like you are all in your minds. I'm feeling to go into this topic and consider running workshops on it because I know how hard it is to be supported into simplicity. 

Love is not everywhere. In the end, you live in love. If you keep practicing it will fill your heart and mind. You will live in love. You will be happy. It will take you to a new level. 

I think that I want to support people to live a real and authentic life.

Hope you find what really makes you sing... In a deep and meaningful way.