Monday, October 3, 2016

Yoga Practice Notes: Moving into the feminine...October 2016


If you are female, you really need to come into the feminine body with your yoga. 
It is something I'm working on to be able to do my yoga without moving into a male awareness.  That is too evolved, which i am, but im trying to get that as a secondary element to my feminine energy.  That is feeling, emotional and loving. 

Ive learnt that yoga can take you into the mind, it can hide away your feelings deep within instead of showing you how you feel so you can make the right decisions for yourself, momentarily knowing which way you need to move. This for me is path now, moving momentarily with my experience, sometimes going with how im feeling, other times, pushing myself and messing myself up on purpose, so that I can grow, open my heart and progress in being more loving in the long term.

It is easy to do a home practice which is better for your being, not only offering benefits of moving with awareness with your own body, but also being protected from the elements, the minds of others, the energy, have your own space at home for practice with a set of props, setting up your own space which has your own calming, loving energy will help you to get motivated and also enjoy your practice.

For the sake of maintaining my female energy, I'm particularly avoiding standing poses and anything rigorous, strenuous. Doing standing poses once a month. That is a focus on inversions and restorative poses with some forward bend, back bend and twists incorporated for full body experience. This is based on an Iyengar practice.

My practice at moment to begin the experience of staying female....It goes like this...

1.Supta baddha konasana x 5-10 minutes

2.With swastikonasana x 5-10 minutes

3.Ado mukha virasana x 5-10 minutes, twist variation is possible

4.Uttanasana hanging, or head to prop.

5.Head stand x long as possible, aim for 7 minutes or at least til you feel a change/ shift.

6. Supta virasana x 5-10 mins, can variate with twist version

7. Setu bandha w block below hips

8. Setu bandha sarvangasana x 5-10mins

9. Shoulder stand - 10 mins, halasana, kanapidasana, followed by rest 

10. Swastikonasana to rest forehead to chair 

11. Supta padangustasana 1.2&3

12. Forward bends, upavista konasana 

13. Baddhakonasana at wall on bolster. 

14. Twists , bharadjvasana

15. Savasana

16. Sit feel rest

17. Dance and/ or kundalini shake

18. Enjoy the effects

I am going to see how this goes, working with a softness and ease, hopefully to maintain feminine essence as most important thing to focus upon.  Will blog when i have something to talk about...see whether its working or still too much is possible..  Even doing one or two poses when needed during the day to bring back into body might be good, staying without being too active.