Monday, May 21, 2012


'One of the major wounds that most of us carry inside is a deep feeling of unworthiness and inadequacy. We can feel this wound in different aspects of our life - such as in our creativity, our sexuality, our physical appearance or our sensitivity.
But most often, we feel it as a general feeling that we are just not enough - that there is something basically wrong with us. This wound is called shame.
We usually attempt to run away from our shame by covering it up and pretending to ourselves and to others that we are okay.
We push, dress up, fix ourselves - anything to convince ourselves that we can make it. Often we may go the other direction and collapse with insecurity and feelings of failure. Either way, our life becomes a constant struggle. And when we see the world from our shame, it appears to be a hostile place where we have to fight and compete to survive. To heal from the wound of shame, we have to go into it and explore it .
The work is focused on learning to love ourselves and from that place, we can create love in our lives.'