Sunday, November 6, 2011

Universal Law

' By desire we call into existence - by affirmation we preserve and encourage - by denial, we destroy ' 
 ...Yogi Ramacharaka - 'Raja Yoga, Practice Exercises'
We have the power to create, inherent, within us.  We can become aware of this.  We experience or thoughts manifesting around us.  We are creative beings. We can create heaven, or hell, through will. 
{ Practice Suggestion ... In order to observe the patterns underneath, we need to quieten the mind through yogic exercise, meditation, mantra - through regular practice over a period of time.  If the mind doesn't seem to quieten, it is more reason to practice! Everything affects the breath, and the mind. We focus the attention on breath, body and mind, concentrate and relax. Release tensions. Observe freedom of body. Observe freedom of breath... become free. It can bearound four to six years of regular practice to reach the Buddhist stage of Samatha.}
Affirm the true self.  Take time to listen to the body and mind. We see and feel and listen to what it wants to tell us.  Sometimes thoughts arise, sometimes sensations, sometimes tears, laughter, shame.. etc.   Observe and release, then plant new positive seeds, regularly. {mantra, see below}  Build and maintain.
Practice Suggestion... Each day,it is very beneficial to take 15 minutes morning and night to sit quietly with myself, somewhere we feel comfortable to move within. We observe the heart space, the space central to the chest, the heart chakra,  observe the current and momentary needs, and desires. Learn to quieten the self.  In the morning, we ask the self what we value.  In the evening, we watch the day from beginning to end, see how events made us feel, observe whether the values were met.  Start again.  Manifestation can be seen, shifts occur in visible changes to ones living circumstances, job, friends, interests.. {very good idea to create support network, find holistic therapist/ psychologist who you trust..} sometimes we feel vulnerable as the heart can experience openings, energetically.  This means we have more capacity to give and receive love, we feel life more deeply.
Creating a vision board of images and words that speak to your soul offers an effortless way to align your vibration to what you desire... place the board somewhere you see it regularly, feel uplifted by it, feel as though it is already here...see it manifest.} 
Deny thoughts which don't live up to your core values.  Thoughts create and attract like thoughts & energies. Nobody wants to be soaking up the negative vibes of the universe.  More sensitive people are particularly prone to being energetic sponges. Thoughts influence, we dont want to give our power away.  We develop will through yogic tapas and training. We can change our thoughts and energy with mantra.  Aham prema (pray-ma), i am divine love, is a beautiful one, as is OM, the universal sound of individual and cosmic consciousness united.
{ Practice Suggestion... Observe your thoughts, if you find the thoughts inappropriate, don't finish the thought, eventually the thought will not bother you.
Replace unwanted, out of date negative thoughts with mantra. Choose your own or become initiated into a spiritual stream such as Satyananda yoga, or Buddhism and be given an energised version suited to your soul/ character.
Use a mantra for your passwords, include a sacred number?.. eg, gmail account, ahamprema11,  this registers into the unconscious. }
' Sow a thought and reap an action, sow an action and reap a habit, sow a habit and reap a  character, sow a character and reap a destiny.' 
... Swami Sivananda