Saturday, November 5, 2011

Astrology _ November 2011

This is a chart that I felt, resonated with me, and possibly with you... see if you like...

November 2011 has some epic qualities for the following reasons.
+ Reason #1 - Mars, the planet of "walking the talk" will enter Leo (the sign of being in full power , where he will remain for an unprecedented eight months.
+  Reason #2 - Saturn, the planet of "determination and achievement" will enter Libra (the sign of social contract), where he will be for the next 2 1/2 years.
Both of these are excellent placements for these planets ...

November 1-7 is dominated by Mars' transit into Leo on November 1. Mars brings integrity and power to our actions; in other words, it supports us walking
the talk. For the past six weeks, Mars has been debilitated in Cancer. This holding pattern is akin to replacing a warrior's sword and shield with a spit-up bib
and comfy pajamas. When this happens, we become cranky and irritable. Does this sound familiar?

Throughout this week, expect to feel a resurgence of discipline and veracity and a reawakening of a powerful self that does not need to "prove your point" in order
to feel strong.

Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, bringing strong levels of intensity and devotion to our interpersonal connections. Allow your fears to be transformed into
creativity, beauty and devotion.
Key Dates:
November 3 could show some emotional intensity with Moon/Mars opposition.
November 7-10 look up in the sky as the moon approaches a big and bright Jupiter.