Friday, December 30, 2011

Light up the New Year...

This year for new years I will be giving up things of darkness, and will be seeking celebrations of a higher vibration!! Plans for New Years Eve include a simple forest meditation and self attunement at Oshos Forest Retreat in Kathmandu, offering gratitude, setting intentions and dedicating energies.. and the universe will decide the rest..

Key words for the coming year for me seem to include...

  • Compassion to self and others..
  • Service..
  • Great love or peace..
  • Knowing thyself & developing thyself.. 
  • Greater balance & greater spiritual strength...
  • Teaching yoga, healing and sharing..
A visual board is the way to go i think!

This year has been truly madly & deeply magical! I have travelled around the world in a light bubble.... this next year will be more about connection, courage to face the sufferings of life rather than transcend them, cleaning up some mess, moving more into the body, more awareness, more groundedness, more pure, more alive and more true..

Hoping to inspire....
Love to you in setting the mood for the year ahead!